Feeling Overwhelmed & Frustrated Because Your Children Are Not Succeeding?

In this Procrastination to Productivity For Intermediate & High School Students course, we'll work together using a systematic & hands-on-approach to help you create a plan to ensure your children's success.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Student Learning Objectives

    Matched your learning to your curriculum to ensure that this seamlessly fits into your teaching plans

  • Procrastination & Pre-assessment

    Deepened your understanding of procrastination & assessed your children for their stressors so you can reach as many children as possible when you create your lessons

  • Plan & Implement

    Developed an in-depth plan for yourself & your children to help them with ongoing guided assistance & gradual independent learning

  • Create The Space

    Taught your children how to create an ideal learning environment that meets their individual needs

  • Accountability

    Generated accountability plans to meet the needs of different learners & to ensure that they are on task


  • Additional Modules

    Expertly leverage the concepts of projection, reflection & celebration to ensure the ongoing success of your children. Download & work through a done-for-you pdf file to help children who struggle with perfectionism

  • Community

    Be embraced by a community that will provide support for your questions & celebrate your implementation victories

  • Savings

    Enjoy massive savings on educational resources & additional learning experiences so that you never have to worry about creating resources from scratch

Mega Bonus


  • Overcome Overwhelm For Teachers

    Engage in a step-by-step process that will take you from overwhelm to highly productive. Your very own planner is included so that you can let go of anything that's stressing you out.

But above all else...

You are never alone. You will receive ongoing support so that you can implement this year after year. Come and join me. I cannot wait to meet you.